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The Chalet

The Chalet at East Hill Creamery began construction in May of 2015 and was completed the following year. Run by Gary and Betty Burley, the Creamery is home to some of the best artisan, grass-fed cheeses in all of Wyoming County.

The Chalet at East Hill Creamery is an impressive example of local craftsmanship with Alpine influences. Originally designed as a visitor center, where patrons could view the cheese making process and get to see the cheese caves, Gary and Betty Burley knew they wanted to create an event space for the community that incorporated the natural beauty of the lumber from their land and the bright openness you can only get in the countryside.

Featuring Amish post-and-beam construction in red oak, hemlock, and white pine, and huge colonial windows, the venue offers a lovely balance of woodsy charm and modern sophistication.

EHC Creamery construction 2015.jpg
Construction of the East Hill Creamery in 2015

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